Terms of service

To make sure everyone reads, we'll stick to the basic rules.
  • We do not allow +18 pictures or blurred images, body parts etc - PLEASE UPLOAD ONLY PHOTOS OF YOURSELF, including face (selfies are ok)
  • We do not allow inappropriate language even for your names, addresses etc - PLEASE USE DECENT ENGLISH WHEN PUBLISHING YOUR PROFILE
  • We do not allow spammers and scammers - PROFILES RECEIVING TO MANY NEGATIVES WILL BE DELETED (notice the SCAM!!! warning under the title)
  • We do register and publish your IP so everyone will see, for example, that you pretend to be from US but you registered from Nigeria, Ghana, etc - NO SCAMMERS, PLEASE!
  • We will be the owners of your profile page, photo and any other information you choose to write about yourself and you will have no right regarding your profile page
  • You automatically agree that your profile details (including photos) may be shared on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • We may choose to delete your profile, if you request it, but it will be at a time that we choose, due to our limited schedule
Those are all the rules and since after you publish your profile you will lose control over it we think that's all we need to keep our site safe and clean for everyone; it is a site for adults but its content can and should be browsed by any age.