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Dating Cafe is dedicated to offer a safe place for all singles to find a friend, a date or a life partner. Unlike other dating sites, our free dating service doesn't allow (anymore) profiles to be created. There is, therefore, no need for email verification, username and passwords.
Regarding this, we'd like to inform all our older members that their profiles have been imported here, on the new dating site. However, we could not import the pictures - they were all deleted - so we are using your email address to embed Gravatar pictures. If you wish to replace this Gravatar picture with your picture, use either of the following two choices:
  1. Go to and create your profile using the same email address that you used here
  2. Publish your profile again and upload your new photo
If you don't remember what email address you used when you registered, you'll have to find your profile page (search for it) and look for the @ symbol in the source page code (right click on your profile page and select View page source) - your email in inserted in your profile page. That email you must use on; associate a picture of yourself with this email.


As we wrote above, once you publish your profile you will also transfer the ownership to us.
Please understand that that Dating Cafe services are a privilege that we offer you for free and we are not obliged to answer any requests from your part. Basically, Dating Cafe's new look is more of a classifieds site rather than a dating site and we chose this form because we think it is much easier to keep a clean site, safe from scammers and spammers. Think of the new look as a pen-pal site. If you have a Facebook, Tagged, MySpace, etc profile you know that scammers are there, too - they are everywhere where they can create a profile and so a web presence.
However, since scammers may pass our verification, we must advise you not to send any personal information to ANYONE. Not even to those people in your own city or on your street.
Personal information that you should not share online (or anywhere) can be: address, family name, ID card, social number, credit card, banking account internet access details and so on. Use common sense and, if someone will ask you sensitive information, ask yourself WHY they need it.
To respect your privacy we made the telephone field optional. The address field is compulsory, but you don't need to write the exact address. The registration form requires only the street name, city, province, country and the zip postal code and we advice you not to write the street number, building name, apartment and so on.
In the end, please understand that any unpleasant consequences that may occur due to your profile being registered here have nothing to do with Dating Cafe and we will not be responsible for these consequences. Our intention is only to offer you, the singles, a chance to find a date, a friend or better a life partner without paying for dating sites.

Why Dating Cafe?

Our free dating adult community is for everyone and we make no discrimination. We offer our cupid services to all kind of people, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Caucasians, Blacks, Asians and so on. We don't restrict the free dating services based on religion, nationality or your skin color.

 We believe that everyone needs love and someone close beside. Either it is a friend, a lover, a casual partner or a life partner. Hopefully your experience on Dating Cafe will lead to marriage and a happy life together with your soulmate, someone you can match with.

As written before, no discrimination is made; we affer free dating services for men, for women, for transexuals (ladyboys). The only discrimination we make is based on age, of course. We don't allow very young people to register and teens under a certain age.