Emma Waterson 26 bisexual female

EmmaWaterson, 26 yo bisexual female

Meet Emma Waterson a 26 yo bisexual female rated 4.77/5. Emma Waterson is described as curvy built, long blonde hair, blue eyes and big breasts. Emma Waterson speaks english, and is bisexual. Specific features: long nails, leather, high heel, stockings, latex,
More about Emma Waterson in their own words:
Hey hey! I'm Emma Anna Waterson. Shortly about me: someone calls me crazy, someone calls me sweet. It turns out that I am a versatile person lol. But, I know the main thing - I'm good person anyway:) We all learn about ourselves new things all life. And what about you?

LIKES: I love psychology and laugh at different jokes:)

HATES: Rudeness

IN BED: dancing, roleplay, smoke cigarette, zoom, deepthroat, double penetration, footsex,

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