Betty Crosy 21 bisexual female

BettyCrosy, 21 yo bisexual female

Meet Betty Crosy a 21 yo bisexual female rated 4.74/5. Betty Crosy is described as skinny built, shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes and tiny breasts. Betty Crosy speaks english, french, and is bisexual. Specific features:
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My name is Olesya, I am 21 years old! I am from Poland, the city of Krakow, my Russian mother, married a Pole, I live in Russia, I have been a lawyer here, for the current time in the web cam industry for 4 years, I feel great and liberated! Like a young girl I love sex, money and travel. My dream is to start the top model on this site!

LIKES: I like to dance, walk, relax in the park!

HATES: I don't like it -luminous men, do not like to do the fact that I do not like

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