Avrie Berhane 25 bisexual female

AvrieBerhane, 25 yo bisexual female

Meet Avrie Berhane a 25 yo bisexual female rated 4.31/5. Avrie Berhane is described as skinny built, long black hair, brown eyes and normal breasts. Avrie Berhane speaks english, spanish, and is bisexual. Specific features: leather, tatoo, natural,
More about Avrie Berhane in their own words:
Hi! My name is Avrie and I'm pleased to meet you! I consider myself a very open minded lady, very friendly and funny. I am quite.. easy going, so getting to know me won't be a problem at all. Feeling like sharing up time with me?! ?

LIKES: I like to travel a lot, to explore everything that it's ''unknown'', to get to know people, to try a big variety of food.., to play with pets, listen to music, drinking wine.. reading and the list can go on for a while, but I will give you the chance to explore much more of what I like the most!

HATES: I don't like to be around disrespectful people, rudeness is not for me and I don't agree with it, so.. if you consider yourself as being rude or disrespectful in general.. you can continue your way! ?? No hard feelings!

IN BED: dancing, roleplay, zoom, footsex, snapshot,

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