Amara Crawford 31 bisexual female

AmaraCrawford, 31 yo bisexual female

Meet Amara Crawford a 31 yo bisexual female rated 5/5. Amara Crawford is described as curvy built, long black hair, black eyes and normal breasts. Amara Crawford speaks english, and is bisexual. Specific features:
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Hello! It's Me ARA from Philippines I'm shy people but willing to listen and learned. I'm ambitious and I love people whom I can have smart conversation.

LIKES: I like when you treat me like your princess with surprises and love. I can be GOOD GIRL or BAD, depends on you! I'm the woman you're looking for it, if you know how to treat me.

HATES: in hurry , liar beggar all of that turn me off. your bad me bad :) depend on what encounter.

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