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Meet Lauren Flackette, a 47 yo woman looking for man to marry in Chicago  USA. If you want to marry in Chicago, USA, leave a message for Lauren Flackette on this page or use the contact details below.

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Of course, I could easily describe myself in a good way, but we all understand there is no perfect person in the world and I am no exception. I know how to love, I can live to the fullest. I know how to take care and be an excellent wife, and what is very important. I want to share it all with my future man. I am confident, I am docile, so you don't get bored with me. I will give all the joys of life I can. I am not greedy, I will give all my self and emotions to my man. I am very passionate and vigorous, with a good sense of humor, I will fill your life with joy.
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