Shawn Jones, single man (18 yo) looking for woman date in United States

Shawn Jones
18 years old
United States
I'm just a simple yet ordinary guy...............LOL yea right. I'm anything but ordinary. However I am truly simple in nature. I am a major gamer and therefore it doesn't take a lot to satisfy me. I'm talking about food, a roof over my head, and somewhere to sleep. Oya, don't forget about a tv, internet, and my gaming console lol. Well, a little about me. I am a martial artist. Been doing that for around 10 years. No I don't like fighting but If I ever had to defend my self or loved ones you better bet your ass I could . I work for the governme nt, that is all you need to know. If you ask what kind of job I have, you'll get the same response lol. I'm very respectful and I have an amazing sense of humor. I have no boundaries on anything. Well, besides .... unhealthy foods and conversations. and......ok this whole profile thing is confusing me lol Anyways. message me and I promise after our first discussion you'll know if you want to speak with me ever again. I'm very straight forward and I'll never lie to you if you do speak to me. I'm extremely sweet, caring and very romantic. No, that doesn't mean I'm going to tell you that you are beautiful and pretty and cute every single time I message you. Hate when guys do that. Did I cover everything? Probably not. lol just message me Oya....if you have children..I'll talk to you, but it will be one awkward conversation just saying lol