Jake , single man (22 yo) looking for woman date in United States

Jake , single man (22 yo) looking for woman date in United States
22 years old
United States
Hey. I'm Jake. I'm happily transgender and I'm looking for a woman who can accept that. I love a woman who has a very natural personality. A girl who cherishes the beautiful earth God has given us. I want a woman who is preferably natural in every way possible. Natural hair, body, eating habits, etc. I love a woman who doesn't have the mentality that she needs fake nails, hair, body implants, etc. One who embraces her natural beauty. Someone who's laid back, funny, and loves to just chill out no matter what we're doing. :) About me, I had dreadlocks b ut I am going completely natural and free forming my hair. I'm trying to go vegetarian and use herbs as a natural healing. I listen to reggae and inspirational music. I love Jamaica and claim Rastafarian. My life goal is to move to Jamaica to live in natural peace. Anything else, ask. Peace. One love. :) I would like to also say that my hair is very important to me. It has spiritual meaning and the symbolism of a better lifestyle. So those of you who are going to be judgmental based on how my hair looks then please by all means move on the the next. I am Rastafarian. And I am freeforming my hair :)