Jay Pump, single man (27 yo) looking for man date in United States

Jay Pump, single man (27 yo) looking for man date in United States
Jay Pump
27 years old
United States
Ok so im jay pump. Im from chillicothe, ohio which happens to be the first capital oh ohio and the president thomas worthington's birth place and where orrville and wilbur wright were from. I am in college currently for my associates in applied science focused on pharmacy technologies. I also do a little bit of music and im a music and movie enthusiast. I love all kinds of movies and music but my faves in general are comedies, action movies, rap, and rock. My favorite colors are black and blue of any shade. I am a virgo by birth, but i wish i woul d have been a taurus.lol i am a big cincinnati bengals fan in football and cincinnati reds fan for baseball. Im a lakers fan when it comes to basketball and college teams for college ball are north carolina for basketball and ohio state football. I am a very precise person when it comes to my needs and what i want. I have many goals but they all come back to the most important thing i want out of life which is success. I want to have a good woman who will back me through everything and will not back down. I am a strong independent individual so i ask for the same because i believe you do people the way they do you, so am eye for an eye basically. I am old fashioned being as I was raised by my grandparents who were west Virginia brand old fashioned. So am I.