james, single man (53 yo) looking for woman date in United States

james, single man (53 yo) looking for woman date in United States
53 years old
United States
life is too short and I believe that this life is all that we are given by GOD,that we may love,somebody(one person)that she may love us back,with that love bring bright smiles and happyness to our lifes with joy of living togetherness and loving one another with moments, excitement, intimacy and adventure are all simply more profound when enjoyed with a kindred spirit. Although I am very successful in the world of work, on a personal level I am more traditional. Men and women may be equal, but we are different. I love our differences.I love music, especially if I can dance to it. A beach is one of the few places that I can relax with a good book. I love to hike and bike. There are few things that I won't try once. Sexual intimacy and compatibility are essential, but so is affection. Touching should not be reserved for the bedroom. am looking for someone awoman who is kind hearted caring, loving and know what its take to love a woman who is genuinely Loving,honest,kind and faithful a woman i can hold hands with walking side by side a woman i can give my heart and soul to and she will give hers in return a woman i can adore every minute of my life,a woman i can share bad and good times with a woman full of love and tender care,a woman i can't live without a woman that i can look into her eyes and see my world in her eyes,love,cherish,desire,respect,admire her and make her happy put great and beautiful smiles on face forever,someone that willteach me more about love,be there for me when i need her the most and that we'll both spend the rest of our life and grow old together forever because the most beautiful feeling is to see the person you love smiling and the reason is you.
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