Brad, single man (38 yo) looking for woman date in Sweden

Brad, single man (38 yo) looking for woman date in Sweden
38 years old
Hi, I'm intelligent, confident, compassionate and witty with a good sense of humor although somewhat sarcastic at times (Think the Mentalist from the TV show). Very sharp, I connect the dots very quickly and have a well-honed intuition. I love to travel and explore new things, especially with the right person. I am spiritual but not religious, and believe we are all connected at some level. I believe there is a big difference between confidence and arrogance, the latter being the purest form of ignorance. I've been told I am sexy, but I'm too modest to say that I am. I'm affectionate and caring, and looking for someone special because I think I am and I have a lot to offer personally. I'm not materialistic or ego-driven, instead I laugh at myself often and have a kid-like fascination and curiosity with the world and all things possible. I'm a creative problem solver so if we were stranded on a deserted island I would be the one you would want to be with. We'd surely be rescued, but by then we may not want to be... ;) Drop me a line if you think we would be a good fit. I'm selective as I'm sure you are, so please no chat requests or contacts without a picture.