robert (48 yo), single man looking for women

robert (48 yo), single man looking for women
My name: robert williams

I am: man

Age: 48

From: florida, United States of America

Looking for: women

Description: Thank you for taking the time to read this! I promise not to pretend that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound! I usually need a pretty good running start first! I am by no means a 'fixer upper'! I take care of myself and I truly LOVE life! I am driven, passionate and am definitely romantic! When it comes to relationships, Its about chemistry I guess! I mean chemistry of the hearts, as I see physical chemistry as mere infatuation, which does not stand the test of time. I recognize my flaws and know that I can be a typical guy who often shows affection with actions rather than words but I am also aware that its usually not enough for a lady so you have to remind her with words and thoughtful gestures too! I the importance of compliments and also at the right timing; I do notice dressing combination, hair do, painted nails, the scent of your perfume. I promise to love your flaws too! I recognize what a lady wants and needs; but I love to laugh and truly believe that a good sense of humor is a sign of intelligence! And add flavor to life. I am a good lover but do not entertain games or drama. I can be your cowboy in the country or a professional man of the city! I love to dance, or listen to good music but Most of all, I am a guy who is sincerely thankful for all of the blessings in my life and I am truly optimistic about the future. I am searching for God fearing, a cheerful, sincere, energetic, giving, compassionate, attractive lady with a beautiful smile to fill the lead role of an epic romantic comedy! So please open your heart and apply within!

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