Paul (41 yo), single man looking for women

My name: Paul Austin
I am: man
Age: 41
From: Brisbane, Australia
Looking for: women
Description: CURRENTLY LIVING IN CHINA: Land of Fish, rice, and e-bikes.
Hi ladies, not much to say here :) Ai Yoh !.... Married and HORNY as hell. I
thought getting married meant that you'd get SEX on a regular basis. It
seems not the case here in China.
Some Chinese women seem to be able to turn their desires and emotions on and
off like a dial. Searching for Someone who's horny day and night & who
believes that regular sex and masturbation is healthy and normal.. AT least
more than once every 6 months.
I hope the lady that I meet has enough stamina coz I have great control....
I'm not a 10 minute window cleaner. I reside in Jiangsu, but i miss
Australia, especially the REALLY OPEN MINDED SEX GODDESSES THERE.... hence
yearly visits back home to Bris-Vegas......... ABOUT ME:**** POSITIVE, Big,
Strong White boy, a little extra padding for you to hold on to : )
Clean and disease free, I have a medium size COCK (around 20cm), so not
exactly John Holmes....Very humorous, relaxed and fun to be with, am a
Monkey but hung like a horse "a toy horse" LOL.
Very affectionate. I'm not gonna fall asleep half way though.
I'm a Great cook too.
I'm a gentleman outside and a total maniac under the sheets... i'm gonna
make you scream, squirt and shake all over. I have amazing control and can
cluck, pluck and suck non stop in every position for hours, I usually give 1
hr of sensual massage to begin with.... you're going to be climbing the
walls after, i'm gonna make you soo wet baby that you will think a pipe has
just burst.... I enjoy using lots of foreplay ,,,, I will kiss and lick your
body from your head to your toes, did I mention that I love to suck toes?
I'm gonna touch you in just the right places to make you shake and moan in
pleasure.... BEFORE penetration......... BUT DON'T WORRY, I'll allow you
time to come up for air and beg for mercy. Did I Mention that I'm just one
meter in height?
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