John (51 yo), single man looking for women

My name: John Stockton
I am: man
Age: 51
From: Kansas City, United States of America
Looking for*: women
Description*: Bio: White male, 51 yrs old, 5' 9", ~160 lbs. Blue eyes,
brown hair. Reside in the southern KC area.
Health: No issues. I frequently go on 3 mile brisk walks. Don't smoke, Eat
healthy (most of the time). I enjoy weekend beer and wine.
Beliefs: Spiritual. I believe in God but I'm not "religious" don't
go to church. Best things in life are free, Outdoors, Storms, Lakes, Mother
nature, Animals. Friends, Love. True kisses mean more than legal documents.
Entertainment: Music, Classic Rock, Todays new Country music, Live bands.
Movies, The Good the Bad and the Ugly is a favorite. Travel, Cruise ships.
Credentials: Associate of Arts in Electronic Engineering and communication.
Have always been employed. Currently have a great job/career involves a
little travel. Some entertaining of visiting clients. 2013 car. 1 bedroom
apartment. Caring for an elderly Mother that is in a senior living facility.
Keep in touch with my 2 daughters (19 & 21) that live out of state.
Deal Breakers: Smokes, Out of shape, Over weight or "Curvy". Closely
involved with X-husband/boyfriend. Currently raising children.
Email: [email protected]
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