Bob (54 yo), single man looking for women

Bob (54 yo), single man looking for women
My name: Bob Arctor

I am: man

Age: 54

From: San Diego, CA, United States of America

Looking for: women

Description: Not really much to say... just tryin' this out. And now to pad this out to 300 characters so it'll stop yelling at me; this becomes irritating. Is it so wrong to just look? Soon I'll just start repeating nonsense to get over the arbitrary limit, cafebar. Is that what you want? Else, a quote: "Cruelty, very far from being a vice, is the first sentiment Nature injects in us all. The infant breaks his toy, bites his nurse's breast, strangles his canary long before he is able to reason; cruelty is stamped in animals, in whom, as I think I have said, Nature's laws are more emphatically to be read than in ourselves; cruelty exists amongst savages, so much nearer to Nature than civilized men are; absurd then to maintain cruelty is a consequence of depravity.... Cruelty is simply the energy in a man civilization has not yet altogether corrupted: therefore it is a virtue, not a vice."

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