Date: Diana

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51 years old
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Canada, barrie Ontario
Haa.. penis is easy to find . Its your heart that im after. Just letting you know that I dont have sex on the first date and I dont date youg boys . If your under 45 years old I will not respond . Im a classy lady and Im looking for love and respect . I like my tokes . No im not kidding and im not a hippy hasbeen . Im happy ,healthy, content,kind, humble, talented . Seriously , at my age I feel the best I ever have in my life and Im ready for a partner to share, laugh, and love with . Please dont contact me unless you are serious and you have a photo . lets face it guys looks are important. I take care of myself and always try to look my best so I need to have the same in my Man . Its ok if you have baggage ,what person in there 50s wouldn,t . If I care about you then I will help you unpack. Im not looking for perfection. Its ok if your agenda is not wrapped aroud me . you need to make your own choices and remain true to yourself . Heres hopeing that I find you here ... Cheers
dianasauve96 AT yahoo DOT ca
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