Date: J-Lingual

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I am:
23 years old
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New Zealand, Auckland
Firstly, please invest more effort in your message than "hey, wanna chat?" or any other generic variation of the before mentioned quote. If you send a thoughtful and well punctuated message that describes why your amazing personality is going to sweep me off my feet, I promise that I will reply. I'm not going to tell you about my hobbies, talk about my goals, aspirations, what makes me unique or let you decide that I'm someone you want to meet based on my musical taste. These things are all arbitrary when it comes to you reading my profile and deciding if your going to accept my offer of sending me a thoughtful message. What really matters is a mutual desire to see if the small glimpse of the others personality we have beheld would be complementary to our own. So after exchanging a few messages, I'd welcome the idea of meeting somewhere public and safe. As I think it would be unfair to dismiss you based on our online interaction.
jaredstinson226 AT gmail DOT com
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