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25 years old
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Senegal, Dakar
I am a 25 year old single woman, auburn hair and brown eyes. I have a very wicked sense of humour and like to laugh a lot, although, I can be quiet and even shy at times too. I am kind, caring, honest , reliable, and and have a very easy going nature. I definately wouldn\\\'t say I was slim but if you like the more fuller figured, curvey lady then that\\\'s me!. I love music which can range from classical to Jazz, to rock, and pop and I am a big fan of older bands like AC/DC, ELO, Journey, and Whtesnake. In my more softer/quieter times I like to listen to Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, KD Lang etc etc. I love eating out and my favourite food is \\\"curry\\\", and I am very partial to a nice bottle of wine!. I enjoy going to the cinema and theatre, hate football, but find myself watching it!!
favour_ahmad AT yahoo DOT com
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