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28 years old
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Hungary, Kaposvár
First of all i am MTF transsexual girl (non operated, and have taken hormones but i am NOT FULL TIME FEMALE yet however i am planning to be very soon, plz dont disturb me if you dont like it) I have short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, my height is 177 cm and i am 65 kg. I am a very romantic, honest, reliable, caring and cuddly type of girl, I love walking at parks, on the beach especially hand in hand if i have someone. I adore cuddling, hugging there is nothing better than long cuddling while watching a good movie together. In my spare time i like reading, playing sports (swimming, jogging, cycling), watching movies, listening to music, walking, sightseeing, travelling, I am very open to new ideas and experiences. I love learning new things and broaden my horizont. According to my friends i have good sense of humour and can cook pretty well which is one of my fav activities. If i have chance i like gardening and designing interiors.
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