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27 years old
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United States, Tigard
I am a 26 year old musician that likes to enjoy movies, music, karaoke and just hanging out. I love the outdoors but also relaxing at home. I\'m not looking for anything serious but you never know where life will sweep you away to. I hope that I can get back to living a good life and that someday I;ll meet the woman I\'m meant to be with. But for now I\'m happy to find friends and maybe meet the person I\'ll someday come to love. If you would like to be friends, feel free to ask me anything. I\'d love to get to know you. Ps. I know alot of girls like ***holes for some reason, so just to clarify, I\'m not one of the typical douches that for some reason attract women. So if you want to get to know someone who will actually treat you like a lady, feel free to chat :)
ben DOT hintz AT yahoo DOT com
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