Date: Rich Elliot

Rich Elliot
My name:
Rich Elliot
I am:
40 years old
Looking for:
United States, Los Angeles
**I would be open to traveling or taking turns traveling to meet someone. Keep in mind, I can relocate.** **Also, if you don't have a picture...or any text (which befuddles me as to why not), I will not send you a message.** I have a great job (with benefits), no debt, live with my 4 years old daughter Madison by a single father (just bought a house), Did I mention 5'9"? I won't hide that I am a bigger guy, thick in the middle but otherwise solid, proportionate and athletic...not squishy! I've changed my lifestyle, eating better and going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I find that I am more of an "overall look" that someone has as opposed to body type, we all like what we like. Finding humor in most things, I will take the serious approach first, and then unleash my witty banter on you when you are good and ready. Looking for someone to spend time with and propably the rest of my life, someone that has an open line of communication. Ideally, looking for long-term bu
rich DOT elliot AT yahoo DOT com
Social page:
[email protected]