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41 years old
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United States, Chicago
I'm definitely a mixture of many things. I have a dream of finding my one special love and thought I would try this way to search for it. I have so much of my heart to give and am very ready for it! :) I take care of my health, am not a heavy drinker and I don't smoke. I'm very sensual and expressing this mentally and physically in a relationship is very important to me. Unlike many men I am not afraid to comment on the beauty of things or be overwhelmed with emotion and love. To me that's what makes us human and I love it! :) I have a love for traveling and meeting new people. I am always open to explore new, different and alternative things in life and different cultures. I'm very open-minded, liberal, and have no prejudices. I am a very good listener. I love hearing what people have to say and I can be very diplomatic at times yet very able to fight for what's right! I get on with all types of people.
nicksonjakes AT yahoo DOT com
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