Date: vero

My name:vero
I am:Woman
Age:26 years old
Looking for:Man
From:United States, other
Description:I am kind and considerate with others. I am an easy going person, new in town. It is very important for me respect and trust for each other. I enjoy sense of humor and sharing a good laugh. I enjoy diversity and cultural knowledge, politics it is one of my favorite subjects. I am some clean and organized, don't like to leave things for tomorrow if I can act today. I am a very pro-active person, as much as can I try to avoid stress in my life. I am a caring person, love helping others to help themselves. In my free time I like to teach English as a second language. I enjoy community events and getting to know people in general. I enjoy to talk in order to resolve any misunderstandings, I ask questions when I don't understand. I am a very patient individual, I think tolerance it is one of my good assess ts. I like to work and be responsible, don't expect things to be given to me just because I am from other country. Have lots of love in my heart
Email:enehnicholas AT yahoo DOT com
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