Date: leona

My name:leona
I am:Woman
Age:21 years old
Looking for:Man
From:United States, ohio
Description:Hi fellas, this is your alluring lady from the beautiful city of Cincinatti, Ohio. Iam Leona Whiteburg but my closest friend used to call me Yhana. Iam 21 years old, juvenile at age but very much matured and experienced when it comes to dealing with life. I dont live with my parents nest since they are based in Wisconsin. I live independently here at Ohio since my lifestyle rteally belongs here. Iam your no ordinary lady since I love challenges. Iam happy-go-lucky and is fund of being with my best companion. I enjoy doing what is prohibited to do because that add spice to my daily routine. Being snazzy is the best asset I have that's why boys cant take their eyes of me. See, I told you, I'm extraordinary. The best days of my everyday life is hanging out with friends. I love going out of town because I always want new discoveries. I also enjoy doing extreme activities because for me that is one of the best challenges I could ever experience. So do you have the same lifestyle as mine?
Email:leonawhiteburg AT yahoo DOT com
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