Date: BSC69

My name:BSC69
I am:Man
Age:43 years old
Looking for:Woman
From:United States, Cincinnati
Description:At first, I am pretty shy and quiet but once someone gets to know me they find out that I have a good personality, easy to get along with, and have good sense of humor. Would consider myself a caring and honest person, intelligent, and confident but not arrogant. I have recently started my own business and also work full time so I stay pretty busy but would definitely make time to meet someone special. I consider myself a regular guy but not obsessed with watching sports all the time, or playing golf, and drinking with my buddies. The only sport I really enjoy watching on TV is football but will occasionally watch Reds games, and some college basketball teams like UC, Ohio State, and UK. Also try to attend at least a couple Reds and Bengals games a year. My hobbies include reading, woodworking, fossil hunting, and drawing. My activities include fishing, mountain biking, roller blading, hiking or walking, boating, and enjoying the outdoors. I try and keep in shape and go to the gym at l
Email:bcant69 AT yahoo DOT com
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