Date: Terry

My name*:Terry Ductan
I am:Man
Looking for:Woman
Address*:123 Fakestreet Ave.

West Palm Beach, Florida Palm Beach Gardens, 33418
United States
Description*:Hey, I'm only here to find friends and perhaps more if we sync well.

Now, I work out at LA Fitness, go to my university, and work full-time.

Who I'm looking for is someone with good sense of morals or responsibilities, someone who can financially hold their own; sure I'll pay for dates, but it's nice when a woman takes the initiative and pays from time to time too. If you smoke, that's fine, but when I kiss you, I don't want to smell the "smoker's breath". I also like to learn things about you, so it's nice to hear you talk. (Yes, some guys want to hear you talk :D)

Sure you can be cute, but it's mean nothing to me, if your personally doesn't exist. Psychology intrigues me so I tend to find out why you are the way you are. I also like saying what's on my mind, no lie/stories. I'd like to meet someone with a sense of humor, and can be sarcastic.

Oh I tend to have this serious look on my face D=, but I'm just content or thinking about stuff. :D I like the way I am, I like going to the gym at 5am in the morning, watching epic anime XD or even playing music.

If you like what I'm saying then don't hesitate to message me. :D
Email*:[email protected]
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