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My name*:Jason Prolovable
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Description*:[marriage] One Great Soul Seeks Another for Potential Life Happiness

Greetings beautiful souls,

What I'm looking for can't be put into absolute words. I'll try to anyways..

More about Me:
I'm in pretty good shape and health. I take good care of my body. I try to eat nutritious foods when I can and like to exercise regularly. I have many hobbies.. sports, photography, the Internet, movies, eclectic taste in music, travel, and more. My friends identity me as being kind-hearted. I love nature. One close friend has told me numerous times that I "don't understand people". But hey, I'm still learning. I'm flawed in some ways just like anybody else. I love discovering new things. I'm willing to relocate for the right person.

My life has been extraordinary in some ways. I grew up in an abusive home and I'm a survivor. For the last 12 years I've moved around quite a bit. I've lived many places in the U.S. I'm American. I've also lived abroad in Canada, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Japan to name a few places. I currently live abroad in Asia. The beginning of 2012 was particularly interesting and sad for me. A few years ago, I started a pair of successful Internet companies but lost them. I also lost a good friend who was kind of like a mother to me. After months of feeling somewhat depressed I feel strong enough to think positive again and move on. Love is about saying yes with a full heart.

Traits: I'm loyal, I'm needy for love sometimes (probably didn't get enough of it as a child). I spent many years alone which is why I'm still a bit of a loner. I like being alone sometimes. Other times I will just feel lonely.

I'm a philosopher at heart; I have an uncanny ability to predict future trends and think deeply about our world. I like science (the world around us based on facts) and I'm always curious to learn new things. I can think outside of the box in the most creative ways sometimes. I'm not a "people person" per say. But still I'm a benevolent soul with a good heart. I find it very easy to be open-minded to new things and good ideas. In part due to my interesting life background, I know a lot about certain things which most people don't.

I'm only 31, but I have a wealth of life experience (both good and bad). I'm sort of a "jack of a trades" meaning I'm a little bit good at everything. hehe I'm fast to learn new things. I consider myself a life-long learner. I'm always trying to improve my knowledge to grow wiser. I care about social issues. I'm interested in politics. I've had many careers in my life: Education, IT, Non-profit, Internet Entrepreneur, and more. I'm not rich financially nor am I the most generous person in the world -- though I'm taking steps to improve. :) In regards to children, I think I'd be an awesome dad because I'm a good guy with a wealth of life experiences, I'm patient -- caring -- loving -- understanding, I've learned from mistakes of my parents. I know I have a tremendous amount of love to share. I think Steve Jobs said it best when he said success is doing something you love. I like to keep growing as a human being.

I'm from beautiful Portland, Oregon, USA, North America but I grew up in Florida. Currently I'm staying in Asia, reevaluating my life, and considering the next steps to take. I'm thinking about what's important and what's not. This is especially true after I lost so much a few months ago. I wish to find and make a good home with someone at last. I also feel like I need some new friends.

I'm looking for warmth and inspiration everyday in life. This sounds very complicated but actually it's simple. I think that inspiration must usually come from within. But having a life partner for the journey can also make a difference. Yes. That's why I'm looking and hoping to find someone good to share this journey through life. That's why I'm on this web site.


About my (hopefully) future life partner / wife: I'm looking for a really great someone. I believe in love at first sight. I do also think it's hard to tell who you'll love and who you won't be a soul mate. Best is to give love your all. Life is too short for dating. It's better to find someone who's ready and willing to love you and exchange that love forever. I want a long, happy life. Hope that fate brings my love to me.

My ideal mate would be caring and gentle like a caregiver. Some days we'll have headaches or back problems or sprain a left wrist or ankle. I want to spend my life with and want someone around me who's warm. Be the mother who I never had. Be a good mother for our children. I need lots of understanding and patience, it's just the way it is, and this is important for a serious relationship or marriage. A nurse or a caretaker would generally fit these characteristics. But I believe her job doesn't matter, all that matters first is that she's warm and kind-hearted. I need someone who wants to be loved deeply too. Clingy is okay too. I'd like to find a great girl who's loyal and who will be with me to the end and who's mentally stable. She needs to be open-minded and preferably educated. The location where we live is important too. For the long-term I'd prefer we live somewhere beautiful in a nice small city somewhere or near / in the countryside. Somewhere to feel relaxed, free, and inspired. It's all possible. If we live in the U.S someday -- we may have lots of space, have kids, and live a natural life together. I also like the beaches where I grew up in Florida. Or we can live somewhere else.
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