Date: Mike

My name*:Mike Aurora
I am:Man
Looking for:Woman
Address*:420 Avenue F
Brooklyn, New York 11230
United States
Description*:ooVoo: mikeaurora
Height : 6'6"
Sypnosis about me : I cherish what I get or whoever I get.

Hey Everyone this pretty short and simple...I'm just on this app for the heck of it not sure if its the thing for me but I'm open to anything it throws at me by the way any questions feel free to message me =)...maybe looking for a long term relationship. Here's a bit of what type of women I'd prefer(Really odd you'd hear or read this from a guy...Hey gotta tell the truth you know) : A woman who had dreams of her own to be something great and is willing to walk with me, A woman who doesn't mind that education comes before love(meaning won't get to protective about it I mean I have dreams to be a Surgeon and I plan on becoming one...basically working @ Rite Aid as a Shift Supervisor part time doesn't cut it...So yeah I'm employed =]), A woman who doesn't mind that I don't like booze or anything close to drugs, and a woman who I can care for and can care for me. I know I can't get all these things but hey even one is good enough we all change when we meet someone sometimes in ! a good way and sometimes in a bad I just hope it goes for the Good. So I guess If you've read this far you might be interested so feel free to Message me =]! Have a Good Day!

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