Date: frank

My name*:frank wilson
I am:Man
Looking for:Woman
53, c5 accra
Description*:I am a man of 29 years who seeks true love in life and lets no alternatives remain unproven.
I am a kind man that values ​​mutual respect, honesty, understanding and helpfulness high but most of all faithfulness and loyalty as I have experienced separation after betrayal and infidelity.
So if you can not with safety promise 110% loyalty you do not need read anymore! For then I do not want to hear from you.
I am seeking a woman who will give all her heart in the quest for true love and who are willing to travel to reach happiness.

In my opinion I think I live in one world's best countrys. I also have a very good job that pays well above the average. So to the person who feel that I am the right one will come to established conditions and being well taken care of.

but unfortunately?you can send me message on [email protected]
telephone number:+233246460231

I'm looking for intelligent woman with the same values ​​as myself, loyal and faithful, fond of sex as me, Kind, you must also have a lot of humor. Playful and romantic.
Like staying attractive as I will do for her!
Email*:[email protected]
Web Site:[email protected]

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