Date: Cory

My name*:Cory Reed
I am:Man
Looking for:Woman
Address*:1313 Mocking Bird Lane
Billings, MT 59101
United States
Description*:Would love to find someone to be happy with before the world ends in 2012 hahah jk.

Well then hobbies, goals and aspirations, uniqueness, and what kinda music I like.. pretty good start I think Ill start with that advisement.

I live to fix up my muscle cars and 4x4 trucks, but its slow going, it comes between 3 jobs and money from buying fixing and selling cars on the side to pay for my hobby.

In life I want a huge garage with a 2nd story loft inside to live in, I want to make a job and career out of my college time so it isnt a big waste.

Im a big tall strong guy, very foot ball player like, but i hate football haha,my ring size is 1 inch, and my hand made into a fist is as big as a pop can, 13 1/2 wide shoes, and hand cuffs dont fit my wrists (funny story) one could say that Everything about me is just, on a bigger scale ;)

Im smart, creative, artistic, skilled, ambitious, motivated, youthful, fun, sexual, romantic, caring, careful, adventerous, and sometimes a little crazy.

Highschool honors grad 3.96 GPA, offered valedictorian, 4 yr college honors grad.

I listened to all the classic rock and got bored with it, so I switch to newer rock and keep pretty good tabs on it updating my 12,000 and counting Itunes Library, also very much into fast fun new country redneck, good ol boy, hell raisin bar drinkin country, good stuff.

College: Generals accomplished, 2 years mechanical engineering, and i will have my drafting/design degree.

Oh and I own 11 Classic cars, I consider them to be my childern :) Im pretty happy, i love to text rather than phone call, and as i see my friends with these really great girl friends, I cant help but wonder where my future wonderful girl is~
Email*:[email protected]
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