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Stephany, woman, Arizona

Stephany Gerald, born in 1975 is a nice woman from Arizona US who wants to date single men with age between 0 and 0

I love the outdoors...walking, hiking, camping, gardening, the beach, the mountains :) I love flowers and hugss. I love candlelight and surprises. I love sharing and laughter. I love praying together. I love listening to your heart beat and moonlight. I love watching the sun give birth to a new day with you. I love honesty, compassion, companionship, a partner that is as a part of me as I am them. We walk into the room and know by a glance what the other is feeling or is needing...we care for each other more than life itself. The love of God will be first and foremost followed by our love for each other that was given as a gift to cherish by the one we love the most. I know the one I seek is somewhere with desires that match mine. I may make mistakes but I will never quit looking for you. My heart aches for you. I will never lose hope.

You can contact stephanygerald at this email: stephanygerald ~ AT ~

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