Roywest, man, Phoenix

Roywest Moland, born in 1955 is a nice man from Phoenix US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

am a Sweet matured man, i\'m a 55 year old Man seeking that right soul mate for me that i can live the rest of my life with. I live in Phoenix Arizona, United States of America - is that you? Have a look at my Select criteria and drop me an email to find out more..Also, check out my Star, Sensual and Soul descriptions maybe we\'re a match made in heaven,I talks in a matured ways and am patient, giving, loving, diverse in interests, compassionate, sensual, expressive, outgoing, sensitive, makes friends easily, thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, loves nature and wildlife. I dress casual and enjoy formal gatherings. Playful and child like, yet serious when needed. I hold my own in a deep discussion and have the knowledge to comment on most things... I am NOT a \" know it all \" by any means. I\'m a people person and like to have friends over and entertain. Grilling outside, watching movies or playing cards or board games are great entertainment. Dining out is a pleasure. Sporting events are great fun. I like to cheer my team,watch the crowd, basically have a good time. Concerts, either inside or outside are enjoyable.Playing miniature golf, horseback riding, pondering life at the beach or a rolling river, getting out of town for the weekend, or just going to a movie or the theater. Oh, I\'m left handed.Am retired Life have been very sad for me and i have been having a bad day and night since the death of my late wife and older son i have no one to make me happy and warm my bed at night,Some one to love me,care for me sleep beside me at night and live the rest of the Life with me,Am now living with my two kids at home now

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