richard, man, newton

richard holmes, born in 1961 is a nice man from newton US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

I\'m a basically happy person. As I said, I love being in a body on the planet, interacting with others in a loving and meaningful way. I laugh often and easily, and look for the good in people and situations. Friends describe me as eternally optimistic. I believe love is the most powerful force in the universe. I believe we are here to learn that we are powerful beings capable of creating anything we can envision. I\'m still learning and I am quiet, practical. resourceful and usually calm. I enjoy responding to the simplicity of life. A good listener. I desire companionship and value solitude as well. I attempt to be grateful in all things and intend for the heart to be open. I take responsibility for my choices.......will love to here from you soon telling me more about you

You can contact trueme at this email: davidh0088 ~ AT ~