rasina, woman, kuala lump

rasina khan, born in 1990 is a nice woman from kuala lumpur MY who wants to date single anybody with age between 0 and 0

Words cannot describe, minds cannot comprehend. I blend in the shadows, or transparent enough to be right infront of your face that you see nothing but a blur.
I\'ll keep you guessing and wondering what the next day has in store. There is no routine to my life, each day is a ride where I take it as it comes. Control what I can, accept the good the bad, the joy and the pain associated with life.
I live each day as its my last. I keep fit through my joy of sports and outdoor activities. I\'m open minded in every meaning of the word and have traveled well enough throughout this planet to realize we are just a pixel to a picture so many will never see.

You can contact rasinakhan at this email: rasinakhan ~ AT ~ gmail.com