Prisca, woman, Chicago

Prisca Ejatu, born in 1985 is a nice woman from Chicago US who wants to date single men with age between 0 and 0

2011 is the year for new beginnings!I\'m a happy, active girl (yes, still feel 25 not 40!) who loves adventures, but also chills nicely in front of the TV with the right show and a great companion. Recent friends have introduced me to brilliant fun sports like downhill mountain bike riding and kayaking, so I\'m keen to meet someone who is interested in trying out similar stuff although\' not totally obsessed with it. I also love lying in my new hammock (a Xmas present) with a stimulating book - can\'t get enough time reading, whatever it is - from sc-fi/fantasy to the latest novel around. I also play DDO. Only those who play it will understand by what i mean:)

You can contact priscababy1 at this email: hassamadee ~ AT ~