Joshua, man, Springfield

Joshua Daniel, born in 1991 is a nice man from Springfield US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

My name is Josh but everyone I know calls me Cheyenne. I\'m a grand ol Indian (feather not dot) and honestly I don\'t know how to describe myself. Well, for starters, I love to cook, that\'s just my thing. I play guitar for a living and work on my music every now and then but I don\'t let thy obsession control my life. I\'m a gamer and proud of it so if you aren\'t into video games that much at least let me get into without persecution, thank you. That being said, just cuz I\'m a gamer doesn\'t mean I\'m unreliable, if I have to roll my sleeves and get my hands dirty, hell I\'ll do it. I\'m a kid at heart but indulge in an intelligent conversation every now and then. All I\'m looking for is someone who can get the who I might be, do you know what I mean? I\'m not jumping into a relationship off the bat I would love to work my way from friendship to relationship, I don\'t know call me old fashion I don\'t care I enjoy being old fashion in every sense of the word cuz I\'m sick of being used in some kinda sense, that kinda ordeal stops now. Anyway I think I\'ve rambled enough so yeah.

You can contact jdude174 at this email: jdaniel_1991 ~ AT ~