Joseph, man, Akron

Joseph Marshall, born in 1981 is a nice man from Akron US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

I\'m extremely intelligent, open-minded, laid-back, and 100% drama free. I also happen to have a nearly inexhaustible libido that I take more as a challenge than a curse.

I like movies, power metal (among many other genres), and various other \"nerdly\" pursuits. A spirited debate also gets me going. I\'m proud of who I am and am more than happy to go into details on just about any of my interests.

I\'m not averse to a random roll in the hay but would really prefer to find someone that can keep up with me on an intellectual level as well as the physical. Aside from that I figure I\'ll know exactly what I\'m looking for when I see it.

You can contact emeraldtryst at this email: silverstarspire ~ AT ~