john, man, Houstoj

john white, born in 1960 is a nice man from Houstoj US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

I am a sponge for new things and savor every experience. I must be
outdoors in the sunshine whenever possible,hiking,biking, or whatever
comes along to keep me active, followed by an evening of good
conversation and a glass of wine. I am very ambitious seeking an
adventurous woman to get to know and spend time with. I am looking for
someone who is not afraid to express themselves and is also interested
in my life and adventures as well. I am spontaneous by nature and like
to try new and different things.
I am centered somewhere between introvert and extrovert. I am honest,
independent and generous to a fault. I am an extremely positive person
who tries to find the best out of every situation. I have done some
traveling but am looking forward to many more destinations in my
future. There is so much to explore and learn.
I am very passionate about life and like doing things where I am
surrounded by people that are also positive about life and whose lives
are defined by their activities outside of work. So gratefully, I am
fiercely loyal to my friends who are also positive,funny, encouraging,
successful and just plain fun to be around. I am at a point in my life
that travel is a huge interest of mine and am
excited to venture out more often. I also believe that happiness in
not a destination, it\'s a method of life!
I believe that loves takes time to grow and am in no hurry to get
deeply involved but would like to share experiences with someone with
character and similar interest. I have had a few
really long-term relationships, and through them have learned alot
about myself. An attraction to someone is important, yet a great
personality is a must.

You can contact truckboi at this email: jonny200147 ~ AT ~