John, man, Duffield

John Anderson, born in 1990 is a nice man from Duffield US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

Please be sure to actually read my profile (no I\'m not just a piece of meat for you to eat!) ;)

I love to go out and see what there is in the world. Some like to take flights and others like to drive fast vehicles, but walking and exploring a place at a more reasonable pace and being able to have FUN is much more enjoyable to me. Meeting fun people and learning new exciting things is a passion of mine! I am looking for new friends but that is NOT my main goal of this site though, so if your here just to type and nothing else then I wouldn\'t suggest messaging me. If your serious though and want to have a good time then show me what you can do!... and please only girls with a personality and brain (that functions!) and not just a face because I hate mind games and battling wits! You won\'t meet another guy like me. I just be myself and tell it how it is. If you can\'t handle what I have to say then don\'t ask. Relationship wise... I\'m looking to take things really slow and if it turns into something more later then that\'s great too. Also if your wanting a weak nice guy to cry in your arms then you might as well click the back button now and not waste my time... So if you like a challenge having fun and can keep my attention then send me a message and lets get started! :)

P.S. If you message me say more than hi or hey how are you because no one likes to hear the same things over and over... right? ;)

You can contact Confident_Guy at this email: superbeastreaper ~ AT ~