James, man, Tolono

James Church, born in 1977 is a nice man from Tolono US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

I am a bit of a oddball. I find dark things funny most of the time. I laugh at horror movies. I have a tendency to make alternate lyrics to music I like. I listen to older rock n roll, A little of hip hop rap(not my favorite music) some classical music, classic rock(not Elvis, or the doors).

I love to cook, food is an important aspect in life(second only to music) making food for someone and having them enjoy it is something that I feel is a reflection of the person inside. I also love to give massage. A massage is not just to relax the body. It also relaxes the mind. A nice soothing massage can make a bad day tolerable. But a nice hot bath, followed by a massage, and a dinner made with care can make even the worst day turn around and become a good day. I am a pleaser in most ways. I am not a pushover though. I find fulfilling a persons fantasy\'s and enjoyment of life to be one of the greatest joys in my life.
I do not hurt others nor will I enjoy being hurt. Light bite\'s or slaps are fun. Minor bondage is fun as well. Silk ropes and blindfolds primarily. If your interested in seeing some of my creative experiments look up l.t.m.james on youtube and look for my sketches / doodles.

my pro\'s and cons for people who care
My pro\'s - I\'m inventive,creative,mellow and relaxed person. I like to read, play video games, doodle, build things, cook, give massage, and chat in person, don\'t complain about cleaning.

My con\'s – I\'m critical of myself, can be quiet when first meeting people, thick as a 2 ton door when it comes to being hit on. I have ptsd it\'s minor compared to some other people. just a bit jumpy in groups of people I don\'t know. So no I’m not a good bar hop buddy. I smoke cigarets.(some people find this a con)

You can contact bard_with_no_skill at this email: bjlover4u ~ AT ~ gmail.com