Eddie, man, Los Angeles

Eddie L, born in 1984 is a nice man from Los Angeles US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

hi, i\'m a freelance musician, and a student majoring in music. i absolutely love music..rock,jazz,funk,blues, and anything that sounds good. i also like art, tattoos, piercings, going to shows, and writing and recording music. i don\'t do the whole club scene a whole lot, i enjoy cool bars with cool music, and even a live band or something. i love being a smart ass, a dork, and just plain stupid, as long as it gets a laugh.. i am very honest, open minded, opinionated, and straight forward. i\'m a hopeless romantic....i sleep mornings, go to school afternoons/evenings, work weekends, and stay up really late most nights(i love the night time). i like comedy tv like family guy, southpark, and the office, (don\'t really watch much tv though).....i\'m hoping to find someone who i have things in common with, someone that balances me out and keeps me sane lol...

You can contact musicdude84 at this email: crazyvatoloco ~ AT ~ gmail.com