Deshawn, man, phoenix

Deshawn Robertson, born in 1976 is a nice man from phoenix US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

Its hard trying to get just one to actually recognize you. You can be so sweet and have the most respect to a person and never be noticed. Some might say it is to good to be true. I say stir the waters a little with a pebble and watch. Watch how the ripples tend to get more in depth with the distance. When they finally meet there resting place. It has weathered many obstacles to get there. Just a little something off the top of my head to see if you can follow and take the lead, because once it takes the shore another chapter unfolds. I am a layed back guy who can enjoy just about anything any where. I am free minded about everything and can get deep when I want to. I just would like to stir some water and ride the wave in. The things I enjoy the most are writing poetry, reading it too, watching movies, sports (playing and wacthing), draw occasionally, and over all wacthing the night and taking all of the heavens in. I would like to meet just about any one willing to open up there world to me. I know you can\'t trust everyone but if you don\'t open up you will find yourself encamped around your immediate ones. I like to meet new people and just share some things. To ask how was your day and see if you have smiled. I love to laugh and have fun. I can\'t be a grouch all day because the hole day is not bad, just some of it. All in all If you can put up with some one asking the usual then this was not for you. I hope you find peace some where and smile for a change. If you hope to ask more feel free. I am always in a good mood and enjoy making friends. I just wish there where more people with less attitude and more gratitude to enjoy the life we are in and accept the challenge of everyday life with a smile. So smile for me and I\'ll send one back atcha. Until we speak sweet dreams are layed down at your feet and I hope we can chatt soon.

You can contact Deshawn at this email: dominationfactory ~ AT ~