Carolyn, woman, Illinois

Carolyn Franelson, born in 1980 is a nice woman from Illinois US who wants to date single men with age between 0 and 0

Hmmm, Am Caron, 31yrs of age. Single, loving, kind, loving, honest, sincere, faightful and have sense of humour, also God fearing. I am an agriculturist by profession and my profession do take me a long traveling most times too. I this out going type and i want u to know tha i have worked all my life and i think its time for me to get a family cos age is no longer by my side or what do u think and if u got anything u want to ask u are free to.

I needed a good, caring, understandable, loving that has sense of humor, honesty, faightful man in my life cos i have work so much in my life and all i needed now is a man that will love me and be with me for ever cos i needed to setle down and have a family. Well if u are that type of me u are free to gets to know me more.

You can contact Godfearing at this email: orlandocary ~ AT ~