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Bret Levandowski, born in 1969 is a nice man from Puyallup, Wa (Seattle) US who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

So here I am... Right off, I\'m looking for nothing more than casual \'companionship\' (FWB). Not a one night stand though. Something where we get together on a regular/semi-regular basis. I\'m living with my girlfriend of three years whom I love very much, and yes, she knows what I\'m doing. In fact, she\'s posted here as well, and I let her write the \"About Him\" part of the is profile. It might be biased, but then again, if I wrote it, it still might be. We both love the excitement of the flirting, meeting and of course, sex with a new person. Safe sex is a must and no drugs. You will have to host as we have an agreement not to do this at home. You can meet/contact her if you wish or not. So, without further adieu...

About Him: My partner has an awesome sense of humor that will make your sides hurt and bring tears to your eyes. He’s very outgoing and non-judgmental…very accepting of others and the life style they choose to live. He has a dominate personality but is still caring and kind and generous…. tough but gentle. If someone is need of help, he’s the first on the spot and asks no questions. He is extremely intelligent and can do just about anything from fixing a car, handyman around the house to reconfiguring a computer to perform in a way it’s not really supposed to….just don’t ask him to use Word or Excel…lol. He amazes me daily with the things he can accomplish or the things that he knows. He as the uncanny ability to make a woman feel safe and secure in any situation without looking like the “Mr. Macho, you’re a woman and I’m a man so you need me” a**hole way that so many men pull off so easily. Oh, and last, but definitely not least, in bed, he can go for hours!!

That last part is not an embellishment, but rather a curse. I can explain it if we decide to talk.

First date:

Something simple in public on neutral ground. Drinks, coffee, lunch meeting perhaps or go to Wal Mart and make fun of the people and hide in the racks and mess with people. lol Somewhere with good atmosphere and people so we can have a good conversation and get to know each other. I don\'t want to \'date\' you, as I have a girlfriend, but we need to meet at least a couple of times to see if there\'s compatibility. If not, we enjoyed an experience and maybe made a friend. There are rules we have set up for this.

So, shoot me a line, send me a message or signal me with flares. Ok, for obvious reasons that last one won\'t work, but the point is, you never know how good things might be until you try them.

\"And remember, if the women don\'t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.\"

You can contact mayBtrbl-mayBnot at this email: dvlsadvcate ~ AT ~