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Anthony, man, Vancouver

Anthony Alves, born in 1988 is a nice man from Vancouver CA who wants to date single women with age between 0 and 0

Hello! My name is Anthony! As stuff about me goes, theres a lot so ill write some here and the rest you ask me about if you wanna get to know me more!

First off, I\'m a huge Canuck fan! I\'m very easy going and fun to chat and be around! I love having a good time, either it be with my friends watching the game, or at home just relaxing! I love outdoors, going for walks (in the rain is a plus), playing soccer, and such! I\'m a little shy at first but then i come out of my shell and its all fun from there! I love to talk about anything! If you mention hockey ill talk about it for hours, i have lots to say! Unlike some people i will respect your thoughts and opinion on any subject we talk about!

I like to play some video games! I\'m a 360 guy! I prefere RPG and FPS games! Sports (and by that i mean hockey) games make a good chuck of my collection! Though sometimes ill bust out the ol school 64 or even my Gameboy and play some vintage games! Yes, im a Geek/Nerd, proud!!

Tv Shows i like to watch are: Hells Kitchen, House, Family Guy, South Park, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, and some more prob.

My music taste varies from hip hop to some country,I listen to music everyday and cant live without it! i have music for every mood.

Movie wise, my two fav genres are Comedy and Horror. Straight up.

I am a college Graduate, have two diplomas and thinking of going back soon for a degree.

So what im looking for is pretty much a girl thats down to earth, has her stuff together, drama free would be nice! Being a hockey fan is a big plus! bigger plus if your a canucks fan! And if you have similar interests as me thats also a plus!

Don\'t message me if:
*You like justin bieber...ya just dont
*Don\'t like the Canucks
*Taype Lyke Tis
* judgmental
* you are not awesome

Please message me if:
*love the canucks
*you wanna know more about me!
*think we could get a long
*you are awesome
*Video games FTW

So please dont be shy:) shoot me a message!

You can contact cuteblueyes88 at this email: luongofan_01 ~ AT ~

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