Anita, woman, Anderson

Anita Lynch, born in 1982 is a nice woman from Anderson US who wants to date single men with age between 0 and 0

I am single and looking for true love and trust in a man, though life is never a bed or roses. We all have good and bad side effect of love and life. Life has not been fair to me but i believe we all have our reasons about love and life. I have been lied and cheated on and i don\'t want to be a victim of such anymore. i gave up loving or to falling in love anymore, but i just have to love again,we can\'t allow the past to keep away our feet from what we know we want for our lives. Though i never wanted to love anymore but i find too hard to be alone and share the pains of been alone and not loved or not in love.

You can contact anitalynch at this email: anita.lynch26 ~ AT ~