Andrea, woman, Macon

Andrea Pretty, born in 1981 is a nice woman from Macon US who wants to date single men with age between 0 and 0

I am a very strong-minded and independent lady who also has a soft side. I want someone i can have a great conversation with and also enjoy a great silence with out feeling the need for words. I think friendship is an absolute must for a successful relationship and that incredible closeness that is with you even when spending time apart. I want someone who can romance me and simply cuddle with me at other times.I am out-spoken, opinionated(at times), challenging ... But hey on the plus side I am also passionate, loyal, loving, intelligent, and have never been accused of being boring. I believe in expressing my feelings and enjoying life to the fullest. I admit I probably would do my best with a man with patience as i can be a handful at times... But do not mistake this for a tendency towards drama not my style.I\'m just seeking someone who believes in unity, co-operation, truth, love, dedication, partnership, trust (not in me but in God). My email Address its ( = email Address Removed = )


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