Alcia, woman, brooklyn

Alcia Thomas, born in 1982 is a nice woman from brooklyn US who wants to date single men with age between 0 and 0

I am a young woman whom is successful in my business. I don\'t find material things important. I am a giver at heart, And I need a partner who is the same.I love a good thunder and lightning storm! Know what it is that I really miss?.....The pat on the butt, the cuddling on the couch, kissing, kissing and the friend to talk with and listen too. I like to have fun and a whole bunch of laughs! I\'m honest, laid-back and down to earth. I love to bug/tease people.... You gotta have a sense of humor with me or else we just won\'t get along!!! LOL! Besides that, I use to have some great friends but they betrayed me so i have no friends anymore though i am looking forward in meeting new people.. I am very easy to please and quite simple actually perfectly happy staying at home relaxing but also love to go out and have a good time. taking walks on the beach is one of my favorite things to do right now wrap myself up in a hoodie and enjoy the peacefulness. cant beat that . It’s cool.The rest of my time is totally devoted to my soul mate which i seek on here and i believe he\'s out there. The most amazing man i want to meet, now who knows the right man??? You just never know huh? Life is full of wonderful surprises.I am new in this but I’m always up for making new friends, honest ones at that. Sooo, looking forward to meeting ya! if you want to say nice just leave me a message, Have a great one! I cant say i am looking for a particularly kind of man but there are 3 values i seek in a man which are... A man who is honest, Someone who doesn\'t have trust issue because i wouldn\'t like i hear i cant trust you because i have been hurt in the past... It\'s a taboo to be because you cant expect everyone to be wicked. There are GOOD and BAD people every part of the world so you should learn how to forget the past so you can move forward...Sorry to say this but i hate dealing with people who has trust issue. LEARN HOW TO MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE!!

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